Private Meditation & Mindfulness Lessons

1-2-1 Meditation/Mindfulness Lessons in the City of London, EC2M

Wish to meditate but don’t know how?

Or have you tried and think you’re ‘doing it wrong’?

Try one-to-one sessions tailored to your goals and lifestyle, including ongoing bespoke tips and book recommendations designed to boost your developing practice.

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1 hour                                  £75                      £325

Maggie supports people from all walks of life to establish a tailored meditation practice that you can develop at home and/or the office. She clarifies what meditation is, what the typical challenges are, and how to overcome them to improve your practice. Maggie also advises on practical steps to take in daily life that will directly support a fruitful meditation practice.

“Maggie gave me the best possible introduction to mindfulness and meditation that I could have hoped for. She is a perfect teacher – supportive, creative and inspiring”. Peter, lawyer

With consistent practice, meditation can lead to:

- a deeper enjoyment of life yourself and your work
- greater clarity, focus, productivity and improved decision-making
- increased levels of compassion and respect
- balance, fun and flow
- inner peace
- better health and energy levels
- deeper sleep.

    MaggiMaggie Richardse Richards is an international meditation teacher, co-founder of EXPANDED LIVING and author of A Guide to be Being a Better Being. She has been featured in Tatler, The Daily Telegraph, Stylist and more.

  To book a session kindly call 0794 121 8662 or email Maggie.